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I will try and list as many of the latest Madonna collectables to surface around the world as they appear or I hear about them. Likewise if I come across anything that is new to me I will mention that here also. Remember to check out the Madonna Shop & Latest Items and why not Join the Mailing List and find out first!

Latest Madonna Collectables to Surface Worldwide

Madonna USA 2016 & 2017 Reissue Vinyl LP's at

Madonna USA 2016 & 2017 Reissue Vinyl LP's

2016 Summer, Autumn and Winter saw the USA reissue ten past Madonna albums on vinyl LP format and so far 2017 has so far seen 2 more including a limited edition coloured vinyl LP reissue and a pink vinyl LTD also! The re-released LPs include Ray Of Light, Something To Remember, Erotica, Bedtime Stories, Music and American Life albums sold commercially on vinyl for the very first time in the USA (and North America)! A real bonus for American fans and collectors alike. Which has not only meant that these six LPs are finally available commercially and easily acquired, but also also that vinyl lovers can enjoy crackle-free Madonna LPs again!

Eleven of the twelve USA reissue LP’s are made from super-thick 180 gram vinyl so are not only incredibly tactile but also tough and should have superior sound quality; the latest LP, Confessions On A Dance floor is the only on that doesn't advertise the 180 GRAM vinyl. It's unlikely that the vinyl has come from recycled sources, which would make them virgin-vinyl pressings adding to the quality of the music when played on a half decent record deck, although I have yet to verify this!

The reissues are easily identifiable by the super thick 180g vinyl as previously mentioned but also by super cool square 'hype' sticker stuck to the front shrink-wrap, as well as brand new 'updated' catalogue numbers. There is certainly no way of mixing the reissues up with the original LP’s where both exist!

The USA reissued all carry a unique "R1" catalogue number on a sticker, stuck to the front cover and printed on the LP spine, making these different from the very similar looking EU reissue LPs; the USA R1 catalogue number is also printed on the labels which confusingly state EU manufacture because these were not made in the USA. The barcode numbers are however the same as those sold in the EU, although generally the EU-sold pressings came without the sticker. The "R1" prefix catalogue number matches the last five digits of the original catalogue number used for each album when released the first time around. Unlike the labels, the rear sleeves do not show any form of country of origin.

Something To Remember was the first to appear early 2016, followed by six consecutive albums released mostly in the summer months including: Madonna, Like A Virgin, True Blue, Like A Prayer, Erotica and Bedtime Stories; Ray Of Light followed in October 2016 which finally gave the USA their awaited LP pressing which was the same for December 6th joint release of Music and American Life LPs. 24th January 2017 saw the USA re-release of The Immaculate Collection on vinyl although this is a rather special edition because it has been pressed on "Blue/White Marble & Gold Vinyl" and according to official sources it is limited to just 6,500 copies worldwide!!. Unlike all the other USA Madonna LP re-releases, this was actually pressed by Rhino Records and is part of their January "Start Your Ear Off Right" campaign. Interestingly this pressing was "Manufactured in the Netherlands" (as the label states) despite being made for sale only in the USA and Canada. (Thank You Justin Garnet for allowing me to annoy you all day on the 24th January regarding the manufacture of the USA reissues!) Finally, for now anyway, Confessions On A Dance Floor LP was re-release on 31st January 2017 and once again came with pink vinyl discs just like the original limited edition LP from 2005 although the 2017 re-release LP isn't numbered!

The six aforementioned 'consecutive summer released' LPs used a long catalogue number system that ended in two digits from "60" (97360) for Madonna down to "54" (97354) for Bedtime Stories. Incidentally this was also the same for the EU reissues for 2012 and 2016. Interestingly there was never a "55" used in the end for a reissued Madonna LP.

Thought I would also mention that the Ray Of Light reissue LP didn't follow suite as far as the long catalogue number is concerned which may have been because of the delay in this album being released and the fact that many more albums were being pressed by other artists at that time so the catalogue number may have been taken.

Autumn 2016 also saw the repressing of the 1987 various artist charity album A Very Special Christmas which features Madonna singing Santa Baby. The American store FYE exclusively released this on white vinyl making it quite a collectable item for Madonna fans along with fans of any of the other artists featured on it.

    Complete List of 2016 Madonna USA Reissue Vinyl Album LPs
  • Something To Remember (81227 96396)
  • Madonna (81227 97360)
  • Like A Virgin (81227 97359)
  • True Blue (81227 97358)
  • Like A Prayer (81227 97357)
  • Erotica (81227 97356)
  • Bedtime Stories (81227 97354)
  • Ray Of Light (0 81227 94335 6)
  • A Very Special Christmas FYE White Vinyl (B0025215-016)
  • Music (0 81227 94225 0)
  • American Life (0 81227 94226 7)
    Complete List of 2017 Madonna USA Reissue Vinyl Album LPs
  • The Immaculate Collection (0 ??? 7)
  • Confessions On A Dance Floor (0 81227 94201 4)

Album by Album - Complete Discography & Pictures of all USA Madonna 2016/2017 Reissue LP Vinyl

180 GRAM VINYL with red square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1983 DEBUT ALBUM" & reference to Holiday, Borderline and Lucky Star.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: RI 23867.
Barcode: 81227 97360

Like A Virgin
180 GRAM VINYL with blue square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1984 ALBUM" & reference to Like A Virgin, Material Girl and Dress You Up.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 25157.
Barcode: 81227 97359

True blue
180 GRAM VINYL w/ COLOR POSTER with silver square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1986 ALBUM" & reference to Live To Tell, Papa Don’t Preach and Open Your Heart.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 25442.
Barcode: 81227 97358
(This is set to become sought after purely because of the inclusion of the poster. )

Like A Prayer
180 GRAM VINYL with gold square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1989 ALBUM" & reference to Like A Prayer, Express Yourself and Cherish.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 25844.
Barcode: 81227 97357.
The original LP was always a quite sought after pressing because of the low numbers pressed in the USA so this reissue has finally made the Like A Prayer LP easily accessible!

The Immaculate Collection
2-LP BLUE/GOLD COLORED VINYL with red square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1990 ALBUM OF GREATEST HITS" & reference to Vogue, Justify My Love and Rescue Me.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 26440.
Labels show 26440-1 catalogue number.
Barcode: 0 ??? 0
Released by Rhino Records and limited to 6,500 pressings worldwide. (Manufactured in the Netherlands)

2 LP 180 GRAM VINYL with black square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1992 ALBUM" & reference to Erotica, Deeper & deeper and Rain.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 45031.
Barcode: 81227 97356
There was never a commercial LP release for Erotica in the USA, so the promo LP was the only way to play the album on a record deck until the 2016 release of the LP. Interestingly the 2016 reissue LP does not include the Explicit warning despite including the Did You Do It track.

Bedtime Stories
180 GRAM VINYL with pale-green square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1994 ALBUM" & reference to Secret, Take A Bow and Bedtime Story.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 45767.
Barcode: 81227 97354
The original LP was always a very sought after pressing because it was only available as an individually numbered pink vinyl double LP promo, with no commercial LP pressed which meant prices for this are around the £300 figure to play the LP. So the 2016 reissue has finally made the Bedtime Stories LP easily accessible!

Ray Of Light
2-LP 180 GRAM VINYL with red square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1998 ALBUM" & reference to Frozen, Ray Of Light and Drowned World (Substitute For Love).
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 46847.
Barcode: 0 81227 94335 6
Never released on vinyl in 1998 in the USA so this is also a first for the LP!
Interestingly this pressing was manufactured from the same master-disc as originally used for the 2003 German repressing of the album on 180g vinyl by Rhino Records!

Something To Remember
180 GRAM VINYL with gold square sticker: "MADONNA'S 1995 ALBUM OF BALLADS" & reference to I Want You, You'll See and Something To Remember.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 46100.
Barcode: 81227 96396.
Never released on vinyl in 1995? so this is also a first for the LP!

180 GRAM VINYL with yellow square sticker: "MADONNA'S 2000 ALBUM" & reference to Music, Don't Tell Me and What It Feels Like For A Girl.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 47865.
Barcode: 0 81227 94225 0
Never released on vinyl in 2000 in the USA so this is also a first for the LP!

American Life
2-LP 180 GRAM VINYL with blue square sticker: "MADONNA'S 2003 ALBUM" & reference to American Life, Hollywood and Die Another Day.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 48439.
Barcode: 0 81227 94226 7
Never released on vinyl in 2003 in the USA so this is also a first for the LP!

Confessions On A Dance Floor
2-LP LIMITED PINK VINYL with pink square sticker: "MADONNA'S 2005 ALBUM" & reference to Hung Up, Sorry and Get Together
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: R1 49460.
Barcode: 0 81227 94201 4
No reference to 180 GRAM vinyl on the sticker? May just be that there was no room to show this!

A Very Special Christmas FYE Exclusive! LIMITED EDTION WHITE VINYL
This has been reissued in the USA only on limited edition white vinyl and appears to be available exclusively through one store only called FYE. The original was issued as a charity album in Christmas 1987 and featured Madonna singing Santa Baby.
Sticker shows the USA-only catalogue number: B0025215-01.
Barcode: 6 02547 96164 8.

Thanks to Richard Glupker for help with pictures of the USA vinyl. Thanks to Justin Garnet for your Music and Life sticker pictures and spine and label picture also and Chris Ciccone for the montage of ten covers and Will Gibson for your COADF picsture. Thanks to Javier Rojas for the early pictures of TIC and your great post in Madonna Vinyl Collectors Group on Facebook. Feel free to tell me if I have missed anything important

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Madonna USA The Immaculate Collection LP Album with Blue/White Marble & Gold Vinyl Discs at

Madonna USA The Immaculate Collection LP Album with Blue/White Marble & Gold Vinyl Discs

The world of collectable Madonna vinyl went into overdrive on the 24th of January 2017 when Rhino Records, a subsidiarily of Warner Bros., included Madonna's The Immaculate Collection LP vinyl as part of their yearly January "Start Your Ear Off Right" campaign. To celebrate even further the album they commissioned was a very special and totally unique limited edition double LP edition with "Blue/White Marble & Gold Vinyl" discs. Has USA-only catalogue number: R1 26440

The Immaculate Collection double LP vinyl re-release was only made available to USA and Canadian stores, although the majority of pressings seemed to go to the USA. Some were apparently sold through although it does seem that many orders have yet to be fulfilled due to quantity issues, so it's possible that only a small number were made available for UK sale. The Immaculate Collection re-release was limited to just 6,500 copies worldwide which may account for the fact that within 24hrs most outlets had sold out completely.

Interestingly, despite being a USA and Canadian release, these were in fact pressed in The Netherlands in Europe and then shipped to North America. This is evident on the labels, which clearly state Manufactured in the Netherlands. To my knowledge this is the first time a re-release LP has been made in Holland, rather than the Czech Republic or Germany!

Each copy of The Immaculate Collection LP comes shrink-wrapped with square red hype sticker: "MADONNA'S 1990 ALBUM OF GREATEST HITS" referencing the hit singles of Vogue, Justify My Love and Rescue Me; this is stuck to the top right of the sleeve while a Rhino sticker is stuck below it towards the bottom. Removal of the wrapper allows you to open the gatefold sleeve to reveal the artwork taken from the original 1990 album. The excitement comes from taking out each disc from the sleeve. Both discs are housed in a plain white dust jacket/sleeve although the two picture jackets are included and are also remakes of the originals. Taking disc one out of it's sleeve reveals a superb blue/white marble vinyl with yellow Sire labels. Disc two is an equally unique gold coloured vinyl.

As mentioned previously, these were manufactured in The Netherlands which is stated on the labels; the labels also give reference to "26440-1" catalogue number rather than: "R1 26440", which is usually how the reissues are identified. The R1 catalogue number does however appear on the sticker as normally the case for the USA Madonna re-releases.

Photographs of The Immaculate Collection USA Rhino Records 2017 Re-release LP Vinyl

Thanks to Guillaume Maxime Dubois‎ for your lovely pictures of the USA vinyl and also to Rufino Mata for your great picture of the two discs together. If you are hooked on Madonna Vinyl in any way make sure you check out the Madonna Vinyl Collectors Group on Facebook. Likewise, feel free to tell me if I have missed anything important.

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Madonna Sainsbury's Limited Edition Blue Vinyl True Blue with Poster and Red Vinyl Like A Prayer LPs at

Madonna Sainsbury's Limited Edition Blue Vinyl True Blue with Poster and Red Vinyl Like A Prayer LPs

Friday the 14th October saw UK Sainsbury's launch a special pre-Christmas promotion of vinyl LPs across 177 of their biggest stores. This was a promo designed to promote the addition of vinyl to the Music and Games area at their Large and Medium stores only.

Some stores already sold vinyl but it was rolled out to incorporate all 177 larger stores. This is designed to promote vinyl sales up to Christmas and New Year when it will apparently be rolled back in all but the very largest stores. Other artists had coloured vinyl pressings including Frankie Goes To Hollywood (white), Michael Buble (silver vinyl), Curtis Mayfield (orange), Jethro Tull (green), The Sun Records (orange). But there are no plans for any more to added and all these will no doubt also be discontinued by Sainsbury's shortly.

As part of the promotion Madonna's True Blue album and Like A Prayer were pressed in coloured vinyl and promoted as "Only Available At Sainsbury's" and "Limited edition blue vinyl" and "Limited edition red vinyl". True Blue naturally came in blue vinyl while Like A Prayer came in Red! This is the first time any official Madonna pressing has come in red vinyl; True Blue however did come with a fold out poster which made it equally collectable. Both albums come with reproduction inner 'dust jackets' which appear almost identical to the originals.

Each Madonna LP came with super cool orange and white rectangular hype sticker promoting them and came factory sealed. These were proported as being limited to 1000 pressings of each but I would suggest that the real figure was most likely double that at about 2000, which is still very few compared to the RSD Like A Virgin’s 11,000 !

Within 19 days of conception, on Tuesday 1st November these were classed as DISCONTINUED and are NO LONGER FOR SALE in Sainsbury's and certainly set to become the most sought after LTD for a decade.

Both pressings came in the same standard sleeves as the black vinyl E.U. manufactured counterparts but had a special Sainsbury's barcoded sticker stuck over the printed barcode on the reverse of the sleeves. This gave both pressings a unique catalogue number only used for this LTD. The sleeves otherwise carried the normal catalogue number on the spine and reverse.

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Madonna E.U. Made Reissue Vinyl LP's 2012 and 2016 Madonna Reissues at

Madonna E.U. Made Reissue Vinyl LP's 2012 and 2016 Madonna Reissues

In 2012 and after Madonna had left Warner Bros for Universal, seven of Madonna’s LP’s were repressed and made available for sale once more. As with all Madonna vinyl from 2006 onwards, the newer reissues were manufactured in the EU, in Germany, at the CINRAM record plant which is used by Warner Brothers for pressing their vinyl. (Universal Music however now use the Optimal plant for their pressings and this included the 2016 Rebel Heart LP). The reissues appear identical to the original LP although they all now carry EU manufacture rather than German, and have new catalogue numbers making them very easy to distinguish from the originals.

As far as I am aware Something To Remember (8122-79639-6) was the first LP to be reissued 2012. This was issued on "180 GRAM VINYL" as it’s large gold and white sticker states along with: "THE FANTASTIC 1995 COMPILATION OF MADONNA BALLADS". Unlike the other 2012 EU reissue LPs this was released on Rhino Vinyl which is a subsidiarily of Warner Bros.

Madonna LP followed along with Like A Virgin which came with the rear sleeve the correct way up rather than inside down as was always the case for the German made original. True Blue, Like A Prayer and Erotica were also repressed and none of these five E.U. Made LPs came with any kind of hype sticker sadly.

If you look at the catalogue number (and barcode) of Madonna reissue LP, it ends in "60" and all other subsequent reissues that followed used a similar catalogue number system ending in "59" (LAV) down to "54" (BTS). Of the two-digit numbers at the end of the catalogue "55" has not yet been used and none from "53" downwards which leads me to believe that others will follow and use these spaces.

Bedtime Stories (8122 79735-4) reissue LP was pressed in 2016 was also issued on "180 GRAM VINYL" and comes with square hype sticker on front sleeve: "Includes SECRET TAKE A BOW BEDTIME STORY". The sticker looks similar to the USA version but is different and also includes the E.U. catalogue number.

Interestingly in a Madonna-Geek way, the barcode catalogue numbers for all seven EU LP reissues match the seven 2016 USA reissue LP barcodes! Although the USA pressings have a unique USA-only smaller number displayed on the hype stickers.

I am not aware of an EU made Music reissue LP or Ray Of Light, although i have seen both albums sold as NEW quite recently but I am not sure whether these are old-new stock from 2000 and 2003 (ROL 180g reissue) or brand new? (If you know the answer please let me know.)

    Madonna EU 2012 LP Reissues Discography:
  • Something To Remember (8122-79639-6)
  • Madonna (8122 79736-0)
  • Like a Virgin (8122 79735-9)
  • True Blue (8122-79735-8)
  • Like A Prayer (8122-79735-7)
  • Erotica (8122-79735-6)
    Madonna EU 2016 LP Reissues Discography:
  • Bedtime Stories (0 8122 79735-4 4)
  • True Blue (Blue vinyl) with poster (0 08122 79423-04)
  • Like A Prayer (Red vinyl) (0 08122 79422-98)

Sainsbury Limited Edition Madonna LPs

In the UK on Friday 14th October 2016 Sainsbury's issued their own pressings for True Blue and Like A Prayer LPs and both were promoted as: "Only Available at Siansbury's" as the special orange and white hype sticker stated, along with: "Limited Edition blue vinyl" for True Blue, whilst Like A Prayer boasted: "Limited Edition red vinyl". These were proported as limited to 1000 pressings but I am not aware of the actual numbers manufactured although it is certainly quite low compared to the Record Store Day vinyl!

Both pressings appear to have been made using the standard packaging otherwise used to house the black vinyl editions and this is evident by the additional 'Sainsbury's-only' catalogue number sticker which is stuck over the printed barcode on the rear of the sleeve covering the normal catalogue numbers although the spine does clearly display them still. I am not sure whether the standard black vinyl True Blue LP comes with poster and if not then the this makes the blue vinyl version even more special.

These both clearly display EU manufacture so would have been made at the usual CINRAM pressing plant in the Germany.

Brief History of Madonna E.U. Made LP Vinyl

The first "EU" manufactured Madonna vinyl LP was made for Confessions On A Dance Floor double LP (pink vinyl) in 2006 and while being pressed in Germany at the CINRAM pressing plant it carried only EU manufacture rather than the usual Made In Germany which was the first time German manufacture had been replaced with EU. CINRAM was the pressing plant favoured by Warner Brothers and where all future (Warner Bros.) LPs and the reissued LP's would be made.

EU-made album vinyl then continued with the super rare Celebration 4x LP followed in 2010. MDNA album in 2012 was the first EU made LP on Universal and now also scarce. This was also manufactured in Germany but at the Optimal pressing plant which is favoured by Universal; this was also the case for the fabulous Rebel Heart LP (0602547211699) which followed some three years later in 2015. In 2012 Warner Bros. reissued seven past Madonna LPs, followed by Bedtime Stories LP in 2016, along with the Record Store Day pink vinyl 12" of Like A Virgin.

Confessions On A Dancefloor LP is still readily available on (pink) vinyl and I would expect it is still being pressed, which is certainly not the case for Celebration which is almost impossible to find and has never undergone any kind of reissue with a mint sealed pressing selliing for around £200-£300 right now! MDNA sells for about half of Celebration and has also never been repressed. These two were never pressed in large quantities initially, because of poor vinyl sales, and as a result pressings became super collectable because of their rarity.

Interestingly the EU Rebel Heart LP rear sleeve has always been pressed with incorrect 2015 date which reads: “20015”.

Rebel Heart LP and the RSD Like A Virgin came with a USA counterpart which carried distinctive USA-only catalogue numbers and were obviously manufacture there also so easily distinguishable from the EU made pressings. This is also the case for all 2012 and 2016 LP reissues made in the EU that were also pressed and released in the USA.

Feel free to let me know if I have missed anything important

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Madonna By Mert Alas - LOVE Magazine 16.5 - A crazy week: Monday September 19th to Friday 23rd September 2016 at

Madonna By Mert Alas - LOVE Magazine 16.5 - A crazy week: Monday September 19th to Friday 23rd September 2016

I think I can honestly say that Monday 19th was a mad crazy day for me and many other collectors of Madonna music and memorabilia. It started like a normal day and I ventured to Costa to have a latte and work on my laptop, but ended with me barely sleeping with excitement of such a beautiful addition to the my Madonna collection.

Madonna graced the cover of a very special UK publication called LOVE magazine, titled "Madonna By Mert Alas" and was issue 16.5. This was no regular edition of LOVE magazine but a very special and very limited edition featuring Madonna photoshoot as well as a photoshoot by her son Rocco. All pictures were photographed by photography Mert Alas. This was the first photoshoot that Rocco has done and something that certainly excited as many people as it shocked. The superb and totally unique cover featured Madonna sucking her thumb while lying down (in bed).

This on it's own was special but the fact that the magazine came sealed in a myler/foil bag that itself was also printed with the same 'sucking thumb' image taken from the cover of the LOVE magazine inside it, made this publication an instant collectors item. This outer 'foil' packaging is absolutely stunning and manufactured to such a high standard with the back of the foil packing looking as flawless as the front. Even the side edges of the foil outer packaging were beautifully 'pinched' together to form a tight seal which was then sealed right along the botton. I guess it has been done to protect 'minors' and anyone easily offended from the contents inside. inevitably, this instantly added massive appeal to collectors of Madonna..

The magazine, partly funded by Marc Jacobs, was only produced to coincide with London Fashion Week, which ran thought that week, and was never intended for sale outside of the event, or commercially, other than a few select fashion houses in London and a couple globally including Paris in France, Italy and Los Angeles in the USA. Although very limited quantities were shipping outside the UK, and infant only a very limited number of magazines were produced which lead to this becoming the most sought after magazine since the SEX book!

The foil outer packaging didn't even carry a barcode or ISBN number because it was never intended for general sale. initial stocks of the magazine ran out with 48 hours, when more copies of the magazine were bought into circulation from the initial stock that had been held back just in case. By late Thursday these had all ran out and prices steeply rose.

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Madonna Pink Vinyl Like A Virgin 12

Madonna Pink Vinyl Like A Virgin 12" Record Store Day Limited Edition Vinyl UK / USA

Saturday April 16th 2016 saw the ninth Record Store Day and this year amongst 250 labels and artists taking part was the fabulous Madonna PINK VINYL Like A Virgin & Other Big Hits 12" Mini-LP, issued originally in Japan back in 1987 on black vinyl after the success of the Like A Virgin single and LP.


Quick update and thank you to Azmi Jaffar for sharing the following information. There are two versions of the Pink Vinyl Like A Virgin; a UK/Euro version and USA:

  • EU version with catalog number on top of OBI 081227947675 and writing "Made in E.U." on back cover
  • US version with catalog number on top of OBI: R1 553402 WITHOUT writing "Made in E.U." on back cover

Now seems that larger quantities of the Pink Vinyl have been pressed and rather than the original 4,500 pressings worldwide, its now known to be nearer 11,000. This may be because of the USA pressed version and it is possible that EU pressings were 4,500 and 6,500 were USA! This has impacted on the selling price of these since Record Store Day where pressings have been selling at close to the original RSD price..

I will certainly be hunting down a copy for myself on the day and plan to set off very early in the morning to get in the queue along with 250,000 other UK people looking for a limited edition of their favourite bands and artists. Other HOT pressing include a yellow vinyl for SIA, three David Bowie picture discs, and limited vinyl and coloured vinyl by Muse, Soft Cell, Alanis Morissette, Bob Dylan, Iggy And The Stooges, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson and so many more..

As soon as I get a picture of the actual Madonna pink vinyl I will post it here first! Know more? Let me know please.

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Madonna Cover Magazine Update two March 2016 - SLF, OK, Big Issue, Canvas, Milk, Movement at

Madonna Cover Magazine Update two March 2016 - SLF, OK, Big Issue, Canvas, Milk, Movement

March 2016 has seen another batch or interesting Madonna cover magazines from around the world and I wanted to share some of them here.

USA: SLF Music, Romania: OK, Australia: Big Issue, New Zealand: Canvas, Honk Kong: Milk, Japan: Movement

Madonna covers featured below include: SFL Music Magazine from the USA dated February 2016 with brilliant cover shot, along with the March OK Romania dated 4th to 16th March 2016. Australia had Madonna on the cover of the Big: No 506 dated 04 to 17 03 2016; this was to coincide with Madonna's first Aussy tour appearance in 23 years. Canvas magazine, supplement of Weekend Herald newspaper in New Zealand dated: "05.03.2016" also featured Madonna. Another collectable Madonna cover is Milk from Hong Kong (18th Feb 2016). Another Far-east cover is Movement (Feb 2016) from Japan.

Thanks as always to my fellow Madonna collectors for help with cover magazine pictures including Tsenco & Jay Raymond Williams.

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Madonna on the Cover of Elle Magazine Spring 2016 at

Madonna on the Cover of Elle Magazine Spring 2016

Madonna is once again gracing the cover of Elle magazine and lets hope that Elle around the world follow the great example set by Cosmo and Rolling Stone in 2015, and bring a cover out in many countries globally. Elle has featured Madonna on many occasions over the past 30 years and this has resulted in 100s of Madonna covers to collect so lets hope for 30+ more from Elle this Spring.

2016 Spring Elle Madonna Cover Magazines

February has so far seen the Taiwan & Singapore editions of Elle with Madonna covers. The Taiwan cover is stunning and comes in two sleeve variations, one Taiwan Elle cover with normal Mandarin text and the other Taiwan Elle cover has limited cover text. To top the Taiwan cover situ off nicely, both were initially sold sealed! There is already a French Elle dated December 2015 with Madonna cover and I am assuming this is part of the same series? As covers appear globally I will try and add them here.

    Elle Madonna Cover Magazines 2016
  1. France (Cover: December 2015)
  2. Taiwan / Taiwan (Cover: February 2016)
  3. Singapore (Cover: March 2016)

If you have or know of an Elle Madonna cover magazine for another country not mentioned here please let me know so I can update this list.

Thanks to Tomislav Bedenikovic for the Taiwan cover picture..

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Madonna Cover Magazine Update March 2016 - US, Macau Tatler, Lighting & Sound & Palladium at

Madonna Cover Magazine Update March 2016 - US, Macau Tatler, Lighting & Sound & Palladium

Here are the five latest Madonna cover magazines from appearing throughout 2016 including one from Switzerland, UK, USA, Macau & Spain. Two easy to acquire but three that may just become quite rare!

Macau : Macau Tatler, UK: Lighting & Sound & Spain: Palladium

All three of these Madonna cover magazines are set to become collectable. The Macau Tatler Feb/March 2016 will become a sought after item simply because its from Macau where Madonna recently performed as part of the Rebel Heart Tour and because it's Chinese and the cover text and beautiful Mandarin throughout. Lighting & Sound Feb 2016 from the UK is instantly sought after simply because it can't easily be bought as is only available to professional people within the lighting & sound industry. I did check my local magazine retailer and nothing at all! Finally, a similar situation for the Spanish Palladium Issue #4 2016 which is a hotel publication so will be equally scarce and may need to be 'hunted down'!

U.S.A: "US Weekly" Madonna Cover Magazine

US Weekly cover magazine should not be hard to track down and features the recent situation with her son choosing to live in wonderful Britain.. See the kid does have brains ;-)

Switzerland BLUSH Madonna Cover Magazine Winter 2015

Thanks to Rui M. Pereira, Portugal's big Madonna collector for letting me know about this interesting and rather hard to find Madonna cover from Switzerland called Blush Dream. (This magazine appears to also be available in Portugal.) The cover and contents are written in English however and shows the cover headline is "Something A La Mode".

Thanks to Boye Gustavsen Kjenner for your picture of the three covers together and Rui M. Pereira for the Blush cover picture. If you can add a new cover magazine here PLEASE feel free to contact me and I will happily show them off here.

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Madonna Australia New 50 Cent and 2 Dollar Coins to Celebrates Madonna Going Down Under - SADLY NOT REAL at

Madonna Australia New 50 Cent and 2 Dollar Coins to Celebrates Madonna Going Down Under - SADLY NOT REAL

Got to mention this interesting Madonna collectable which may or may not be real? Good old James Pearson mentioned on the book of faces that Australia has minted a new 50 cent coin to celebrate Madonna touring Australia for the first time in 23 YEARS!! Not sure whether this is indeed real or fan made BUT had to mention it here as looks sooooooo amazing!! Lets hope this is happening There now also appears to be a beautiful 2 Dollar Madonna coin!

Thanks to James Pearson & Christopher Barnes for posting the pictures EVEN IF THESE ARE FAN MADE. Great all the same.

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